Casey Topp

Designer, programmer, person this website is named after

I'm a 21 year old programmer and designer from Western Ohio.

I'm highly feedback driven, with a commitment to UX and a passion for nitty-gritty design. I love to create and iterate and I have a passion for games and visual design.

Contact and Links

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My Resume


    • ICAgile Certified Professional
    Understands and applies the Agile methedology for team coordination and leadership.
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    • Many years of code experience
    • Experience with C# in Unity, C++, Java, HTML5, Javascript, React Native, react.js, Bootstrap, Express framework, SQL databases
    • Able to quickly learn and adapt to team-based and propreitary systems.

Software Experience

    • Visual and graphic design expertise with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk Maya, and GIMP.
    • Code experience with Visual Studio Code. Experience using GitHub and GitLab to coordinate group code endeavors.

Work Experience

    iDTech (Summer 2023)
      • Intructor.
      • Worked with students aged 12-16 to teach programming and tech concepts.
      • Helped moderate and resolve conflicts between students to ensure everyone has a productive learning experience.
      • Worked in teaching Java for Software Engineering.
      • Coordinated with coworkers in creating an fun and excellent learning enviornment for students.
      • Created lesson plans and gave lectures to teach the fundamentals of programming and the Java language.
    The Cornerstone Shop (Summer 2022 - Present)
      • Social Media Manager and Producer.
      • Graphic Designer for print advertising and merchandise.
      • Working with data analytics from social media, video concepting and production, and graphic design.
    Monfort Family McDonalds (Summer 2018 - Summer 2022)
      • Crew Member.
      • Crew Trainer from 2020 onwards, training new employees at various stations.
      • Left after 2022 to pursue more career-relevant opportunities, but the experience was incredibly valuable.

    • 5 years of experience moderating an online Game Design community: Focused on organizing events and community projects
    • Experience with extracirricular leadership in campus Tabletop Gaming Club, especially with regards to event planning, coordination, and professional communication
    • Dedicated to volunteer work within College programs

Design Mentality

    • Focused on creative, intuitive user experiences.
    • Highly feedback driven, willing to scrap or retool large portions of projects based on feedback or new information.
    • Passion for synthesis of ideas, love of brainstorming and creative problem solving.
    • Flexible and collaborative, able to work in any size of team.
    • Especially passionate about visual design and, in games, the interplay between mechanics to create rich systems.
    • Overall, I just love when the things I make can make others happy. That's what I strive for in everything that I do.

Last updated 5/1/2024