Casey Topp

Designer, programmer, person this website is named after

I'm a 21 year old programmer and designer from Western Ohio.

I'm highly feedback driven, with a commitment to UX and a passion for nitty-gritty design. I love to create and iterate and I have a passion for games and visual design.

Contact and Links

Places to find me and ways to get in touch.

Original Works

Tamer Tournament

A tabletop drafting game inspired by the Auto-Battler genre, where players assemble and train a team of creatures as part of a tournament bracket.

The game features 60 unique cards and gameplay that's easy to learn, but has enough depth to encourage replaying and mastering its mechanics.

The game is currently released in a self-published state through The Game Crafter through two seperate editions.

Learn more about the game, watch the demo video and purchase the game on its dedicated page below.
Tamer Tournament Page

Marmalade Gumbo

A card-based party game where players take the role of contestants on an cooking show, and must pitch the judge on a recipe made from creative combinations of unconventional ingredients.

The game can be learned in under a minute, with simple gameplay that cuts right to the chase for players to flex their creative and comedic muscles for their friends.

You can check out the game on The Game Crafter here.

Cosmic League Baseball

A competetive trading card game and worldbuilding project set in a retrofuturistic galaxy where baseball has replaced all conflict.

Read the 50 page Narrative Design Document here:

Download in a Print and Play format here:
All Cards (Two starter decks)

Silent Draw

A roguelike deckbuilding stealth game created in Unity, set in a sprawling casino. Use cards representing tools and abilities to sneak past guards.

The game was developed as part of a Game Jam style class to create a unique indie game in a short amount of time. It was created in collaboration with Gianni Dimacchia, Alex Lemmink, Jaden Petersen, and Jie Lin.

View and download the game on

Frogger GML Port

A port of the classic arcade game Frogger to GML. Created in collaboration with Aiden Pearson. You can play it right in your browser above!
Or, download it on Github here.

Fan Works

Viridian's Last Mission and Revolution

Viridian's Last Mission is a fan-made expansion for Magic: the Gathering based on classic Spy films and supervillain troupes. It features three original keyword mechanics, 276 original cards, full art and flavor text, and support for Draft, Sealed, and Constructed play. It's been playtested and refined for more than a year and has had collaborative input from a full community of fellow designers and playtesters.

Viridian's Last Mission is also part of the fanmade Constructed format Revolution: Custom Standard. I serve as a curator and organizer for the format, which has more than 50 active players each month. The curator team has the responsibility to organize monthly "Grand Prix" events and balance the format in response to card and deck performance.

View the full set, and the rest of Revolution in a searchable format here.
Or view the Design Document here.


Another Magic project made as part of this community, the 2022be is a self-contained draft enviornment with a comedic tone, in which one card was shared every single day of 2022, ending with 365 cards.
You can learn more about the 2022be on its dedicated website at

Last updated 5/1/2024