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Tamer Tournament is a competitive drafting card game for 4-8 players, inspired by Monster Collecting games, TCGs, and Autobattlers.
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60 Unique Creatures

Tamer Tournament includes a vast array of creatures, each with unique artwork and powerful abilities that you can combine in near limitless ways. Unleash the potential of your favorite Monsters, Familiars, and Spirits!

Easy to Learn

Even if you've never played an Autobattler before, Tamer Tournament is easy to pick up and play. Simple drafting mechanics and easy to understand combat mean it's easy for any player of any skill level to jump in and have fun.

Challenging and Replayable

With 60 unique card effects designed for overlapping synergies and unique combos, Tamer Tournament has something to offer for the advanced player as well. Players are rewarded for creative strategies and synergies, and the draft format allows for skill expression through reading draft signals to assemble a powerful and synergistic team.

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168 Creature Cards
Paper Rulebook
Colored Dice Necessary for Play
Game Box
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